Social Work Students Enthusiastic to Learn about CMS


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Students of Master of Arts in Social Work (MSW) were enthusiastic to learn about a Case Management System (CMS) a part of their course. A presentation on the CMS was provided on February 26, 2017 by Mr. Chris Ellinger, Social Work Technical Advisor for the organization Children in Families (CiF), to 17 students (7 females) who are undertaking their Master degree in Social Work at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP).


The presentation demonstrated the CiF Case Management System that is expanding in Action 2 of Thematic Subgroup 3 under the Family Care First Initiative. Mr. Chris explained why the CMS is being taken on by a large number of Social Work Organizations, and as this cohort of students is likely to work in at least some of those organizations it was worthwhile introducing them to the software early. He also tied the presentation into Case Management theory more broadly, linking Social Work theory into models of Case Management, then showing how this theory feeds into the CMS itself.


The students were highly engaged, and asked a number of questions that were indicative of their level of education, and the quality of the MSW Course at RUPP. This presentation offered a useful networking opportunity and strengthened the relationship between a Social Work agency and the major Social Work education institution in Cambodia.


The Case Management System is an action implemented by Children in Families with support from USAID through the Family Care First initiative. The action aims to develop a common CMS that could be used by both the Government and civil society organizations in providing timely and high-quality data on vulnerable children.



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