Social Work Day Celebration in Cambodia


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In support of World Social Work Day, the APSWC (Association of Professional Social Workers of Cambodia) took the lead in coordinating and planning a Social Work Day held on March 18, 2017 in Phnom Penh Cambodia.  This event received close collaboration and support from DSW-RUPP, National Institute of Social Affairs (NISA) and Social Services of Cambodia (SSC). Overall support for the event came from APSWC and Family Care First, through SSC.


The event saw over 200 attendees from NGOs, education institutes and the Government, including Social Workers, joined together and listened to speeches, songs and watched videos all in support of Social Work in Cambodia and across the globe.  SSC was also able to present their project, which seeks to build the general public’s opinion of Social Work and see it viewed as a valued profession in Cambodia, with high school students interested in the idea of Social Work as a career option. 


The slogan ‘Who Cares?’ ‘Social Workers Care!’  was also presented in Khmer and English at the event and proudly displayed on free giveaway bags. For the attendees and Social Workers specifically, it was an event full of positive messages, excitement and energy, with many wearing the beautifully designed shirts and waving colorful balloons, spreading the message that they are proud to be called Social Workers


Social Services of Cambodia is implementing an 18-month project to increase awareness, understanding and perceived value of social work amongst high school students, relevant ministry officials, civil society organizations and the Cambodian public. The activity is funded by the United States Agency for International Development through Family Care First initiative.



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