RCI Director Experience Sharing Meeting


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A meeting between Residential Care Institutions (RCI) Directors who are in transition and other RCI Directors was organized in Phnom Penh by M’lup Russey Organization on May 23, 2017. The meeting provided an opportunity for RCI Directors who are in transition to share their experience to encourage other RCI Directors to consider the transition and participants could discuss on reasons why they should change their RCI’s activities to the community based support.


RCI Directors who are in transition also shared their challenges in making their donors understand the minimum standard of the alternative care for children and significance of family based care compared to the care in centres. The meeting provided an opportunity for RCI directors to receive ideas and support on how they could reintegrate to the community based support in the future. Some RCI Directors said they wanted to change their activities to the community base, but expressed they do not currently have enough budget, human resources, or technical support to begin reintegration.


M’lup Russey is implementing Action 1 “Assessment of RCI’s Capacity” in the Thematic Subgroup 4 “Transformation of the Dominant Care Model”, funded by Save the Children through the FCF initiative.


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