TWGI Inaugural Workshop


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From November 30 until December 1, 2016, the Inaugural Workshop of the Technical Working Group for Implementation (TWGI) was hosted in Siem Reap with attendance of 57 representatives from Government’s relevant ministries, local and international organizations and community members. The 2-day workshop is the first important meeting to kick off the collaboration amongst all the TWGI members.


The TWGI members represent multiple stakeholders from various sectors such as early child development, education, child welfare and protection, disability, labor migration as well as health and nutrition.


The workshop aimed to help FCF's newest partners better understand the importance and value-added of FCF and Collective Impact, draft a common agenda (a common vision, an understanding of a common problem), recommend an initial set of progress indicators and provide specific feedback to the Global Alliance for Children on expectations, perceptions and suggested next steps for the TWGI.


Participants worked together to begin to define key terms such as “safe”, “nurturing”, and “family based care”; identify three key success factors for collaboration, three main challenges to Family Care in Cambodia and three strategies that can address these challenges. They also worked to frame guiding principles for the TWGI, and discussed developing the following 5 new Thematic Subgroups: medical social work, education, migration, disability and children and youth participation.


The workshop began with welcoming remarks by Kathleen Strottman, GAC’s Executive Director, followed by the opening speech of Polly Dunford, Mission Director of USAID Cambodia.


Polly Dunford said: “The intention of creating this structure is not to replace existing networks and policies or displace members of the NGO or government community. Instead, it would build a platform through which these activities and actors could work more closely together and leverage additional success and financial support.” Her full speech can be found here .


Following the meeting, GAC’s team has identified names of constituents (leader & members) of the new proposed thematic subgroups and volunteers to be involved in a working group to draft the Strategic Action Framework for Family Care First. These smaller subgroups will meet over the next two months with the next full TWGI workshop being held on March 9, 2017.



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