CCT Continues Working with Communities to Keep Families Together


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The Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT) has been busy working with village chiefs to collaborate in spreading the word, on a local level, about the harmful impacts that institutions have on children and why keeping families together is so critical.


With funding from USAID through Family Care First, CCT is working with a research consortium called Rapid Feedback Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (RF MERL), which has been doing research across 36 villages to see how different types of messages are interpreted and received. These villages were separated into treatment and non-treatment groups and a baseline of 1400 households was taken.


The main messages will be conveyed via a leaflet delivered to each house in the treatment group of villages. CCT will then support village chiefs to discuss with people in their communities the benefits of children living with their families.


Following this work, people living in all villages will again be approached to see if awareness of the harms of institutions has increased. Results from the treatment group will be compared to the non-treatment group.


By collaborating with local leaders and listening to the voices of families and communities, CCT can ensure its family preservation work takes a grassroots perspective and follows best practice.


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